David Laden portrait


As the body moves into the symmetry of its original design, gravity becomes a supporting and energizing force.


A body that is flexible is able to bend with stress. It is strong because it is responsive.


A feeling of well-being and self-confidence develops as the body assumes a dynamic, upright position.

Rolfing ®

Rolfing® is a technique of body therapy that integrates the human physical structure. Rolfing® balances the muscle and connective tissues (Myofascia) by taking advantage of the body's willingness to hold a shape induced by applied pressure. In a carefully developed sequence of ten sessions, each building on the results of the ones before it, read more...


“I had headaches and neck pain when I first started seeing David. I noticed such an improvement from the start. Both the Rolfing series and Zero Balancing sessions have helped my overall health and energy level. David is a kind, gentle and non-judgmental practitioner which in itself creates a wonderful healing environment.” J.M., RN, Madison, WI read more...

Zero Balancing ®

ZERO BALANCING® (ZB) is a gentle but powerful hands-on bodywork system that facilitates both structural balance and a clearer, stronger flow of energy in the body. ZB sessions produce an experience of deep relaxation and renewed vitality while helping relieve symptoms of physical and emotional stress. read more...